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Client testimonial:

“David worked via Warburton ‘s chefs for over 20 years on and off as a relief chef, executive chef/development chef.

He has worked on many projects, including helping set up high-end kitchens and new start ups. 

David is a true professional, and I feel he is a true ambassador for Warburton ‘s chefs.

David is diligent, smartly presented and innovative, a forward thinking individual. He has always been reliable and hard-working. 

He is a true credit to the industry.”

Daniel Warburton.
  • Isolate and eradicate lost revenues and profits
  • Improve efficiency and provide support
  • Hands-on cooking techniques and training
  • Systems and solutions
  • Attract more customers
  • Improve customer spend per head
  • Menu planning, design, construction and implementation (complete package, including; digitally scalable recipes, professional illustrated recipe file with specification sheets with unique allergens safeguarding system, costings, order lists, prep lists and more)
  • Food safety training
  • Allergen Training
  • HR and recruitment support
  • Marketing, copy writing and social media support

From the get go David was communicative and willing to get “stuck in”, he conversed with the team in an open and direct manner, gave clear instructions and in his short time here with us he made a great effort to help with a transition and handover from one chef to another.

David has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share but also has the ability to just get on and do whatever needed doing, from washing up through to combating waste, from a deep clean to a reorganisation of a kitchen back to running a service as the lead but also on his own.

He has wonderful ideas and could be an asset to anyone’s kitchen. Fantastic chef, intelligent, switched on, engaging and from our 19 year old kitchen assistant “really nice guy, useful, I’d have him back” which we think just about sums him up.

Thank you David for your hard work and help! 

Emma Turnbull – General Manager, Jolly Sailor @ Orford

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What others have had to say:

“I have known Dave for around a decade now. I first met him at a local business networking event, and we have been friends ever since.

Dave is a kind, genuine and reliable person who puts everything into every project he puts his mind to.”

Cathrene Rowell – Business Owner

I have known David for a relatively short time in the capacity of a colleague and also a friend. I feel very privileged to have met such a kind human being, the sort that you don’t meet sometimes, in a lifetime.

In a work capacity, I have only found David completely sincere, respectful, and completely trustworthy, which in business is a vital attribute. If you don’t have trust you have nothing!

I find his tenacity and ‘never give in’ attitude second to none, and with whatever he applies himself to in business, or in a personal situation, he would be somebody that I would want in my corner, for sure.

Jason Kehoe – Business Owner

“It’s difficult to put into words in any language how to describe David, he is caring and supportive of his friends and family, his generosity is immeasurable and he really is one of the few people in my life that would travel a thousand miles to help even a friend of a friend.

Anthony Young – Business Owner

“I have known David over a year now, and have had contact with him on a social and professional level. We initially met via a mutual connection and hit it off straight away.

I could see similarities between us as well as synergies. We both care for others, and tend to put them first; we are true to our word, when we say we will do something, we do just that. We value honour, integrity and trust as high values.

I was so impressed by David’s drive and commitment that I opened up discussions with him around a possible professional opportunity that I have available to me. I was delighted when he accepted, and we have been working towards mutual success ever since.

We also share a passion for both two and four wheeled vehicles and for adventure.

I know David is very big on family and traditions, which I can understand and respect, as again, this aligns with my own values. And if you are reading this, then I am sure that I will not be the only one saying these types of things about David.

Andrew Batt – Business Owner

“I have known David for a few years now and we first crossed paths in a professional capacity. 

From my very first meeting with David I knew he was a special person with great values and a wonderful capacity to connect on a deep level with those he met and worked with.

He is someone who cares deeply about, not only those around him, but also in doing his bit for wider society to help improve the lives of others.

He is a kind and good man and someone who has a strong moral compass .

Kit James – Business Owner

I see David as a thought leader who strives to make positive change in the world. His ideas are big, and he is brave enough and tenacious enough to deliver them. I have no doubt in my mind that he will. 

Over time David and I became friends. David is the kind of friend who will support, encourage and inspire. I’m not sure he realises how much of an inspiration he is to the people in his life.
I hope so. 

David is the kind of friend who will believe in you when you lose belief in yourself and do anything to help and encourage you to reach your own goals. I’m so grateful to him for that. 

Dr Sarah Pollard – Business Owner

David is the type of person who is determined to make a difference and to help improve the lives of those around him. He is bold, courageous, caring and loving. 

As you can probably tell by now, David doesn’t do anything by halves. He throws everything into every aspect of life with great enthusiasm and optimism. 

John McLeod – Enterprise Account Director

I appreciate this a lot about David. That he is actually there for you. Reliably. A value that has been fading away from the world, I suspect.

I hold David for a really quick-witted and intelligent person and always enjoy talking to him. He has his heart in the right place and is a good listener. His ambition and enthusiasm are admirable.

But when it comes to that, David is definitely not just a talker, he is a doer. Eventually, he really goes and pursues his dream. Not everybody can do this and for that I will forever admire him. 

Martina Jelinkova – Managing Partner